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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

500 Gigahertz... Holy $#*%

Now I cant wait till I get my gaming computer at the end of the year... I say it is pretty damn good for $1000. But if I add an extra $25,000 into it... I'll probably be able to make my first down payment on it. Yes... the 500 GIGAHERTZ PROCESSOR, it will be able to do everything else, except wipe your ass. As you saw from my lame joke up there... I'm guessing the thing will cost you a heart, a pair of lungs, two eyes, and some other stuff I rather not list. But after donating all of your body parts needed to live... you still wouldn't have enough money to even buy Ryan Seacrest and a old motel room with a dead hooker in the bathroom, for one night! I love hearing that I'll be able to look up porn in under .025 seconds, but I know that will not be until about... umm... 2012, give or take a few years. Also... the price will be well into the $1000's, so I really don't think that I will be getting anything over 10 gigahertz in 10 years! What do you think about this? :)


  • lolz... dude is ok.

    At least you update your blog EVERYDAY....... something that i CANT do.... :-(

    Mainly cuz i blog things that interest me, things that i found interesting (not like joystiq or kotaku, etc...)

    By Blogger Twenty5 x you, at 8:24 AM  

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