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Friday, June 23, 2006

A Bunch of Crap

-Have you looked on Xbox Live Recently... exactly, no Prey demo still.

-It's offical that Assassin's Creed is coming to the PS3 and now the Xbox 360, which digs the PS3's grave even deeper.

-360 Insider is almost dead; members of the site are leaving left and right (including me) and going to different sites.

-I still own in Halo 2... I had a match aggainst 4 people (I was alone) and I still won 30 to 28.

-One guy I know Xbox 360 broke... which really sucks!

-My little brother just tried to kill me.

-If you want to be on my friends list... just send me a message!


  • lol, nice post (short but funny)

    -here, all the 360s have a 1 year warranty... (thats a lot)

    -"Finally... how long did your 360 last?"
    3 months............ :-(

    hey do you have an email address so i can add you? and chat instead of leaving messages? (which is kinda annoying....)

    By Blogger Twenty5 x you, at 1:47 AM  

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