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Monday, June 19, 2006

Good News!

Now I decided that each night... I WILL WRITE SOMETHING NEW, yea! So, in a poll at EA France (.com), it asked "what Next-Gen gaming system attracts you more". In the end... Nintendo's Wee... *cough*, I mean, Nintendo's Wii came in... last place, the Xbox 360 came in second place, and Sony"s (so called) "PC Killer" came in first place... I'm not really suprised at what I read. Sony has a damn large fanbase, so, why wouldn't they come in first (even though I wish they wouldn't... $#*%) Before you leave this blog that is held together with poop, ducktape, more poop, and some moldy feet (I know, I don't get it either), here is the final results:

Playstation 3 - 59%
Xbox 360 - 22%
Wii - 19%


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