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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Horrible news...

This explains it all, I'm not sure if this is some type of sick joke or something, but I think that this just might be true... it is horrible. For those who do not know who Justin is, he was a owner of 360 Insider (once called 360 Hacker, but since the Xbox 360 is unhackable... it was soon changed), He was reporting news about the Xbox 360 once it was first unvieled on MTV. He posted ever so often on the Forums and cared a lot about his website (there were 3 different versions of 360 Insider). He had a girlfriend (and I don't know how she is feeling right now) and after E3... there were no more post on 360 Insider... the last time he posted was on May 18th, the last time he was on XBL was on June 12th. After that, nobody knew what happened to him. I hope for the best for Justin's family and Justin... R.I.P.
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