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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Would Like to Know...

... do you think the PS3 will still sell over 100 million units an kick Microsoft's ass? I really don't want them too (because I think Sony is EVIL), but, anything could happen... and I mean anything (like the "Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy" group could actully be... *gasp*... STRAIGHT). The PS3 is coming out over a year later than the Xbox 360 and it will have 10 games or less on the damn system... so... things are not looking too good for Sony. Now, I'm a Xbox 360 fanboy, but, if I wanted to bash Sony's new "PC Killer", I would of named the site "The Xbox 360 Fanboy Club that Really Hates Sony and Wishes that they would be Killed by a PS3 Dev Kit Exploding and the Cell Processor Started Nuclear Fission and Wiped Out the Whole PS3 Development Team and All the VIP's that were in the Blast Radius of the Nuclear Bomb the Cell Processor Created and Sony Failed Because they Suck", but, I didn't name the website that because I wanted everyone who read this blog to enjoy it. But, back to my actually topic... I wonder if Microsoft will have any serious problems with Sony and I know for sure right now that Microsoft is already having problems in Japan. Also, do you think that Killzone 2 will be better than HALO 3? Just remember kiddies... you never know what will happen (mabey Bungie smoked crack while making Halo 3 and when Halo 3 came out, it sucked because Bungie wasted their whole buget on buying crack, plus they were busy fighting Drug wars in Bungie Studio and they never finished the game... but, I DON'T think that will happen), anything could though! :o


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