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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nothing Much to Talk About

Nothing really big has happened today... but the damn Prey demo was DELAYED! Now that really pissed me off... I might not even think about buying the game now because of this. I have been waiting for over a week to get my dirty little $#*% covered hands on this game, but noooo... only the PC users get to try this wounderful game out!!! There it no way in hell my 6 year old computer could handle that, so I'm stuck with waiting and seeing all the DAMN DOWNLOAD LINKS to the PC demo of Prey all over the internet! I could download it on my computer and install it and look at the shortcut for it for hours, but I would probably end up crying and sliting my rist (people.. that was a JOKE... I am mentally sane, so do go freaking out... LOL). So there is an article why it was delayed, but, you know... I don't really care about it anymore right now. Also... where is the Hexic HD download on Xbox Live Arcade for all the tards who deleated is Microsoft (including me)?


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