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Monday, June 26, 2006

The PS3 and the Heat Pipe... Also, Prey!

Now.. in this small article, Ken Kutaragi stated because of the P$3's power... it need this advance cooling only used in high-end PCs. Well Ken, the Xbox 360 has a heat pipe too... so that gets me a little ticked off at Sony because they are telling the general public (who don't know a F!#K between a GPU and a Pee Pee Poo their little brother makes each morning) that the P$3 is BETTER than Nintendo's Wee (sorry, I had to write that) and the 175 watt Xbox 360. There has also been other things Sony said about the P$3 being better than... YES... being better than a PC and that you will not need to own a PC anymore because the P$3 will replace it... that's crazy talk!!! Then several hours later, a Sony executive said that the PC would be tough competition for the P$3... WTF is with that! Okay, I'm done flaming Sony for one day. Some cool info to tell you about Prey... it was actually ment for release in 1998 and in 1995, they started working on it... but it went "Duke Nukem" (if you don't know what I mean... Google it you... just Google it) on us and then several years later, 3D Realms begain working on it again. FYI... the Prey demo is still not on any Xbox 360 in America yet!


  • good article, thx for clearing this up..........

    oh yea, FCK sony BTW...

    By Blogger Twenty5 x you, at 8:44 AM  

  • Believe it or not I drew a conspiracy theory like this almost a decade ago with the Playstation 1. With all the games that were being made for it and the fact that was the only game system anyone was talking about besides the N64 kind of made me think that Sony was trying to wipe the PC out of the game market and I thought I was crazy so I left the theory behind me.

    That was until this announcement where they openly said that they may be trying to replace the PC. Now I know that I was right the whole time.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:28 PM  

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