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Friday, June 30, 2006

Wow... Prey's Out?

I was suprised to see when I loged into Xbox Live, that everyone on my friends list was playing this demo. My first reaction to seeing this was "HOLY $#*%... there is no F!#King way that this has been released", but, then I downloaded t and life went on. I thought the demo was cool... but not amazing, but one thing that made me like this demo a lot, was the length of it! It took me about a hour to finish the single player part. Now... before you guys go downloading this... make sure you have 1.17 GB left on your HDD... because... that's the size of this massive demo, I say, it was worth the wait! Also, I bought Forza for the Xbox today... I love it!... Just go to EB games and buy it from there (it is only $10) if you don't have it already!!!


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