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Friday, June 30, 2006

Wow... Prey's Out?

I was suprised to see when I loged into Xbox Live, that everyone on my friends list was playing this demo. My first reaction to seeing this was "HOLY $#*%... there is no F!#King way that this has been released", but, then I downloaded t and life went on. I thought the demo was cool... but not amazing, but one thing that made me like this demo a lot, was the length of it! It took me about a hour to finish the single player part. Now... before you guys go downloading this... make sure you have 1.17 GB left on your HDD... because... that's the size of this massive demo, I say, it was worth the wait! Also, I bought Forza for the Xbox today... I love it!... Just go to EB games and buy it from there (it is only $10) if you don't have it already!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gamer Andy Live Now!...

Okay... go to Gamer Andy right now and listen to their podcast live. I starts at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST... see ya there!...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Horrible news...

This explains it all, I'm not sure if this is some type of sick joke or something, but I think that this just might be true... it is horrible. For those who do not know who Justin is, he was a owner of 360 Insider (once called 360 Hacker, but since the Xbox 360 is unhackable... it was soon changed), He was reporting news about the Xbox 360 once it was first unvieled on MTV. He posted ever so often on the Forums and cared a lot about his website (there were 3 different versions of 360 Insider). He had a girlfriend (and I don't know how she is feeling right now) and after E3... there were no more post on 360 Insider... the last time he posted was on May 18th, the last time he was on XBL was on June 12th. After that, nobody knew what happened to him. I hope for the best for Justin's family and Justin... R.I.P.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

P$3 vs Xbox 360

I know that this has been everywhere on the web... including the site "Dirty 69" (I don't even know if that website is real, but who knows). Which is better, the Xbox 360 or the P$3... well, this might answer your question... hardly anything! This video kindly shows this... also... there is a new book coming out called "Where's Prey".

Monday, June 26, 2006

The PS3 and the Heat Pipe... Also, Prey!

Now.. in this small article, Ken Kutaragi stated because of the P$3's power... it need this advance cooling only used in high-end PCs. Well Ken, the Xbox 360 has a heat pipe too... so that gets me a little ticked off at Sony because they are telling the general public (who don't know a F!#K between a GPU and a Pee Pee Poo their little brother makes each morning) that the P$3 is BETTER than Nintendo's Wee (sorry, I had to write that) and the 175 watt Xbox 360. There has also been other things Sony said about the P$3 being better than... YES... being better than a PC and that you will not need to own a PC anymore because the P$3 will replace it... that's crazy talk!!! Then several hours later, a Sony executive said that the PC would be tough competition for the P$3... WTF is with that! Okay, I'm done flaming Sony for one day. Some cool info to tell you about Prey... it was actually ment for release in 1998 and in 1995, they started working on it... but it went "Duke Nukem" (if you don't know what I mean... Google it you... just Google it) on us and then several years later, 3D Realms begain working on it again. FYI... the Prey demo is still not on any Xbox 360 in America yet!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nothing New Happening...

There is no new stuff to talk about (except that the Prey demo is not out on Xbox Live yet), but... if you are bored, check out Andy's new podcast (even though he is hardly in it) at Gamer Andy, it is funny and can kill two hours! Sony's Blueray will (but probably will never come out this year) be pushed back for release in October... yup... that's Sony for ya! At least more people are actually reading this blog... so, please respond. :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mass Effect

In the 60th issue of Offical Xbox Magazine, I read an article about Mass Effect. I was interested in this game before I read this article because it was made by Bioware (they kick some major monkey ass), but after reading this article... damn... I WANT THIS GAME! The part about visiting abandoned space stations really got me hooked. I LOVED KOTOR (and only the first on because the second one had a glitch that got me stuck and I would have to restart the whole game over to complete it) and if Mass Effect is is just like KOTOR, but bigger and better... HOLY $#*%, this game would rock! Anyway... is the Prey demo on Xbox Live yet... nope... I DON'T think so!

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Bunch of Crap

-Have you looked on Xbox Live Recently... exactly, no Prey demo still.

-It's offical that Assassin's Creed is coming to the PS3 and now the Xbox 360, which digs the PS3's grave even deeper.

-360 Insider is almost dead; members of the site are leaving left and right (including me) and going to different sites.

-I still own in Halo 2... I had a match aggainst 4 people (I was alone) and I still won 30 to 28.

-One guy I know Xbox 360 broke... which really sucks!

-My little brother just tried to kill me.

-If you want to be on my friends list... just send me a message!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nothing Much to Talk About

Nothing really big has happened today... but the damn Prey demo was DELAYED! Now that really pissed me off... I might not even think about buying the game now because of this. I have been waiting for over a week to get my dirty little $#*% covered hands on this game, but noooo... only the PC users get to try this wounderful game out!!! There it no way in hell my 6 year old computer could handle that, so I'm stuck with waiting and seeing all the DAMN DOWNLOAD LINKS to the PC demo of Prey all over the internet! I could download it on my computer and install it and look at the shortcut for it for hours, but I would probably end up crying and sliting my rist (people.. that was a JOKE... I am mentally sane, so do go freaking out... LOL). So there is an article why it was delayed, but, you know... I don't really care about it anymore right now. Also... where is the Hexic HD download on Xbox Live Arcade for all the tards who deleated is Microsoft (including me)?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

500 Gigahertz... Holy $#*%

Now I cant wait till I get my gaming computer at the end of the year... I say it is pretty damn good for $1000. But if I add an extra $25,000 into it... I'll probably be able to make my first down payment on it. Yes... the 500 GIGAHERTZ PROCESSOR, it will be able to do everything else, except wipe your ass. As you saw from my lame joke up there... I'm guessing the thing will cost you a heart, a pair of lungs, two eyes, and some other stuff I rather not list. But after donating all of your body parts needed to live... you still wouldn't have enough money to even buy Ryan Seacrest and a old motel room with a dead hooker in the bathroom, for one night! I love hearing that I'll be able to look up porn in under .025 seconds, but I know that will not be until about... umm... 2012, give or take a few years. Also... the price will be well into the $1000's, so I really don't think that I will be getting anything over 10 gigahertz in 10 years! What do you think about this? :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Know what I'm getting!

I decided that I'm getting a NINTENDO WII, you know why... because of its price! Yes, yes, yes... it is only going to cost $200. That is sweet... Nintendo, you just got another customer!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Good News!

Now I decided that each night... I WILL WRITE SOMETHING NEW, yea! So, in a poll at EA France (.com), it asked "what Next-Gen gaming system attracts you more". In the end... Nintendo's Wee... *cough*, I mean, Nintendo's Wii came in... last place, the Xbox 360 came in second place, and Sony"s (so called) "PC Killer" came in first place... I'm not really suprised at what I read. Sony has a damn large fanbase, so, why wouldn't they come in first (even though I wish they wouldn't... $#*%) Before you leave this blog that is held together with poop, ducktape, more poop, and some moldy feet (I know, I don't get it either), here is the final results:

Playstation 3 - 59%
Xbox 360 - 22%
Wii - 19%

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Conker: Extra Live and Really Reloaded

Now in this IGN article, they talk about games on the Xbox made into games for the Xbox 360. They went on with Jade Empire 2, XSN Sports Lineup, etc, but, nowhere did I see anything about my good friend... CONKER! I really did love that game... I have good memories from it (like the singing poo), it also was a GREAT platformer too. I know all the jokes were lame... but... they were funny... that's where it counts everyone! So, Rare, please make Conker out of 2 million pixles of fuzzyness this time on the Xbox 360, we all would love it... or would we?...

I Would Like to Know...

... do you think the PS3 will still sell over 100 million units an kick Microsoft's ass? I really don't want them too (because I think Sony is EVIL), but, anything could happen... and I mean anything (like the "Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy" group could actully be... *gasp*... STRAIGHT). The PS3 is coming out over a year later than the Xbox 360 and it will have 10 games or less on the damn system... so... things are not looking too good for Sony. Now, I'm a Xbox 360 fanboy, but, if I wanted to bash Sony's new "PC Killer", I would of named the site "The Xbox 360 Fanboy Club that Really Hates Sony and Wishes that they would be Killed by a PS3 Dev Kit Exploding and the Cell Processor Started Nuclear Fission and Wiped Out the Whole PS3 Development Team and All the VIP's that were in the Blast Radius of the Nuclear Bomb the Cell Processor Created and Sony Failed Because they Suck", but, I didn't name the website that because I wanted everyone who read this blog to enjoy it. But, back to my actually topic... I wonder if Microsoft will have any serious problems with Sony and I know for sure right now that Microsoft is already having problems in Japan. Also, do you think that Killzone 2 will be better than HALO 3? Just remember kiddies... you never know what will happen (mabey Bungie smoked crack while making Halo 3 and when Halo 3 came out, it sucked because Bungie wasted their whole buget on buying crack, plus they were busy fighting Drug wars in Bungie Studio and they never finished the game... but, I DON'T think that will happen), anything could though! :o

Saturday, June 17, 2006

My $1000 Gaming Rig!!!

Yes, at the end of the year... I'm getting a gaming computer, and a damn good one for $1000! It will contain:

-AMD Althon +4000
-Nvidia 7800 GTX
-2 gigs of memory
-250GB HD with a 16MB cache
-Gaming case with 6 fans, side window, blue neon lights, temp display, etc

I say that is pretty damn good for $1000, plus Cyber Power PC is building it, free shipping also! So... tell me what you think :)

Hello... :)

Hi, what's up. I just started up this blog and it will be about my feelings about what is going on in the gaming community. Just to let everyone know... I HATE SONY, so you might hear me bashing them a lot. My Gamercard is Master Mike5280, so stay tune for more!